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This is the place where I put up stuff for you to download, print and do what you want with it.  


Printable Sea Turds Anti-Pollution Poster.

Click on the image to download your own, printable, PDF.

During the last few months the UK has seen unprecedented levels of raw sewage being dumped into it's rivers and seas.  -Seemingly whenever it rains.  Wether by accident or design, many water companies seem, at the very least, unconcerned by the current state of affairs.  Buoyed (see what I did there?) by a consensus that the government (or at least a majority of local MPs) are also happy to let this happen. 


Many members of public are blissfully unaware that swimming at a lot of beaches after (in many cases) even slight rainfall means they are actually swimming in, essentially, raw sewage.


As a surfer and swimmer and paddler, I don't want myself (or my family) to have to check an app every time we're thinking about getting in the sea, just to check wether or not we stand a real risk of getting:

-Stomach Upsets,  

-Ear Infections,

-Eye Infections,

-Chest Infections,


-E-Coli etc, etc. 


In order for the general public to get annoyed about this, the general public need to know about this.  So I made this poster to help draw attention to the problem in a (hopefully) fun way.

If you want to help spread the word then please:

-Download and print this poster.

-Fill in the name of your local offending water company or MP (or both) in the space at the bottom.

-Put up the poster at your local sewage-ridden beach. 

(Also: Please make sure you support Surfers Against Sewage.  -They are doing the good work for all of us!)



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